Integration Manager/Post-Acquisition


Jaguar Path Ventures is looking for a partner who can shepherd everyone through the rocky and uncharted territory that two organizations must cross before they can function as one, able to manage a transition period that needs to be fast and effective.

As an Integration Manager, you will work with the team on all M&A and finance related workstreams, providing both clear direction and fantastic organizational skills and leading the integration efforts of all the portfolio companies after their respective M&A operations. It is a fast-paced and varied role where no two days are ever the same – from formulating and delivering a disciplined integration strategy to adapt and re-calibrate plans as the situation evolves.

The Integration Manager will lead the merger of the various parts of the organizations, the consolidation of the operations and the transfer of critical skills across them.

Your job duties and responsabilities:

● Develop the integration strategy and executing activities for Day 1 and post closing:

1. Strategic planning
2. Operational optimization /consolidation
3. Back office consolidation
4. Supply chain
5. IT / reporting integration
6. Customer and channel management
7. Coordination and assistance to top management: CFO, COO, Head of finance, commercial team

● Actively driving performance improvement assessments and overseeing the implementation ofrecommendations
● Tracking progress against objectives and adjusting integration strategies or personnel asrequired
● Link value drivers to operating performance & budgets effectively
● Produce end-state operating modeling and organization design for post-closing operations
● Think critically, identify and appropriately raise key risks and issues timely
● Proactively identify change management risks and training needs


● Minimum of 5-7 years of related experience required
● Knowledge of organizational effectiveness and operations management
● Multiple years of financial and account reporting is an asset
● Deep functional expertise in several of the following areas:

1. Finance & Accounting operations
2. HR / Organizational design
3. Role and Job Analysis
4. Leadership and Stakeholder Involvement
5. Communications planning and management
6. Supply Chain / Operations
7. Salesforce effectiveness
8. Marketing optimization
9. Pricing/Margin/Mix optimization
10. Knowledge Management and Transfer

● Success at both planning revenue growth and profitability growth initiatives and driving them, operationally
● Specific experience designing and leading the execution of internally focused and externally focused change/communications strategies


● Strong problem solving and troubleshooting skills with the ability to exercise effective judgment
● Emotional intelligence, ability to appreciate the emotional and cultural issues involved, handle them personally, and help others deal with them constructively
● Ability to facilitate groups, mobilise people and quickly agree on strategies that communicate and provide direction
● Excellent verbal and written communication skills
● Leadership ability
● Exceptional project management and organizational skills
● Excellent attention to detail